We’re coming to the end of January and what a month it’s been for me on my personal journey. So much has happened (is still happening) this month in response to my vision board for 2022 (with compilation still in progress) that it’s hard to choose a starting point to write from.

Therefore, I’ll start with a photo of my vision board so far. It may not look like much yet but it’s packed with potential for a rewarding year.



My board’s title was born of a longing to experience writing a happy ending to at least one of my stories this year. Is it really a coincidence then, or a God-incidence, that my brother responded positively to my New Year’s olive branch letter in relation to our 18-year estrangement?  I am in awe of how God has honoured my years of prayer for a reconnection that may lead to future reconciliation. This is not fiction. It’s real life. You can read a little about it on The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer project. 

Look for the heading above on the site to find me. I’m answered prayer #16412

Another strand of my vision is to change the premise of my creative memoir with a restructure and, so far, I’ve taken part in a memoir structure mini course which I found informative and useful. I have another to look at in February which gives me time to think more about my change of premise as I sift through my existing chapters. There’s a lot to think about and decide on before I can throw myself back into it but as Alison Wearing said in her pep-talk email following a memoir masterclass I attended: 

‘Main thing is, you do not need to write a book right now. On the contrary, trying to write a book may be the very thing that prevents you from doing it.

For now, all you need is a sentence. And a breath.

And then another one after that.’

Great advice!

I’ve booked on several community-based creative events for February that I’ve missed so much during the ongoing pandemic’s restrictions. Everything seems to be re-awakening and it’s like going back in time becoming involved with like-minded creatives again. Alas, without my dear friend Shirley as in the old days, though I know she is with me in spirit. Friends we don’t forget are always with us.

I came across a poem entitled ‘Making New Friends’ by Patience Strong in her book ‘Thoughts for Every Day’ which was gifted to me many years ago by my husband. It gives permission to celebrate friends – old and new. Her writing may be a little old-fashioned for some but there’s no denying that it offers heart-warming and uplifting comfort.

Text (C) Patience Strong

I was feeling a little jaded yesterday following the highs and lows of January and quite overwhelmed by the speed at which things are happening in my life (with regards to what I’ve written about in this blog and several health concerns regarding friends and family becoming prominent) that I turned to another poetry book by Adrienne Silcock, local poet, entitled ‘Of Garden and Witches’ hoping for a little soul food (for thought).

What a magical delight!

I experienced a joyful yet calm healing through the magic of the herb infusion I received from reading these powerful prosaic poems. They are layered with meaning and tell their stories in hypnotic voice that draws you into the heart of the herb. I bought the book as a gift to myself and in the pleasure of reading it has proven to me, once again, that serendipity is ever-present on our life journeys.

‘Of Gardens and Witches’ is an unexpected treasure to keep and dip in and out of as its voice calls you back time and again.

I am looking forward to February’s exciting promise of creativity with my place booked on several local events for poetry, story-writing, plays and dance. With that in mind, I’m off now to continue chilling out as I go walking in the wild wind and sunshine.

With love for the journey


Published by Julie Fairweather

After being warned never to speak of secrets, the noise of them clattered and crashed inside my head. I wandered through a wilderness of solitude for years, sifting through my silence, seeking a way to release the sickness within. I listened in that place many times and heard my unspoken thoughts groaning; deeper, deeper, deep into a world of unwritten words. Then, in an unexpected moment, I found You there, waiting to welcome me with love, without condition. You bled out the sins of the world and gave my silence a voice so I could tell others that it’s okay to share your secrets sometimes.

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