Sales Pitch of Disbelief

In a flurry of disbelief that companies can take advantage of writers’ works, I feel compelled to share this with you whilst offering humble apologies that it comes so soon after my last post.

It’s simply a tongue-in-cheek sales pitch of sorts… with a plea for your assistance at its close. 

I was googling my collection of short stories from 2015 to check up on something when I came across this:


I almost fell off my chair!

Bear in mind that I wouldn’t actually get paid anything for this purchase (if indeed someone is half-way to crazy enough to pay that much for a book with an original price of £6.50) as it has obviously been donated/sold on to the book shop by Dear Geoffrey’s next of kin.

Maybe it has something to do with my selling out of paperback copies so this work is only available to purchase on the black market or as an ebook now.

Who am I kidding?


The next listing of the same book from this link from (whoever they are) brought me back down to earth… almost :

11,25 Euros – equivalent to £9.47p GBP

I wouldn’t get paid anything for this sale either, if they actually had it in stock.

I hate the thought of any of my readers being ripped off so here is the link you definitely want if you are interested in the eBook version. It’s as near to the truth as damn it and is free to read on Amazon Prime or to buy for £2.15 (and I do get a small royalty payment for this purchase!).



My second collection, published at the end of 2021 (which has been a long time coming and was written in recovery from a psychotic breakdown in 2020) is available in paperback from myself at the bargain price of £5, plus any necessary postage and packing cost.

Please drop me a line via the contact form on my Welcome page if you are interested enough to want to part with hard earned cash to own a copy of Alice… or, indeed, want further details of its content.

Personally, seeing as my books could potentially be worth £45, I think you should jump at the chance of owning this one, especially as a beautiful colour sketch adorns each story.

Be quick though. I only have a dozen copies left.


I think this may be a good opportunity to update you on my personal memoir writing progress, seeing as I want to ask a favour of someone who, within the next week or so, would be ready, willing and able to read and offer feedback on my first 8,000 words before it sets sail on a voyage of discovery to its dead-line submission.

This statement is both the update and plea in relation to it. Of course, there is no fee involved, as I am a penniless, unknown writer so haven’t made my fortune yet. I’m therefore appealing to the goodwill of my fellow writers’ empathy.

I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in any of the above, all of the above or, in fact, none of the above.

Decisions, decisions.

With love for the journey


Published by Julie Fairweather

After being warned never to speak of secrets, the noise of them clattered and crashed inside my head. I wandered through a wilderness of solitude for years, sifting through my silence, seeking a way to release the sickness within. I listened in that place many times and heard my unspoken thoughts groaning; deeper, deeper, deep into a world of unwritten words. Then, in an unexpected moment, I found You there, waiting to welcome me with love, without condition. You bled out the sins of the world and gave my silence a voice so I could tell others that it’s okay to share your secrets sometimes.

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